How much does it cost to list my clothes?
It doesn’t cost any money to list your clothes. We also cover the shipping costs so you don’t have to worry about that when you’re sending us your clothes for quality inspection.


Do I have to cover shipping costs when my item sells?

No the commission fee that we charge includes the shipping costs to ship your clothes to the customer.


How much is the commission fee?

The commission fee is 15% of the order total if your item is sold within 30 days. If it sells within 30-90 days then it will be 25% of the order total.


What happens if my item doesn’t sell within 90 days?

You can decide whether you want us to donate it for you or you can pay the $14.95 return item fee to have us ship it back to you.


How do I get paid?

You can choose to get paid out in store credit or have a direct deposit initiated. If you choose to receive store credit then your commission fee will be dropped to 5% and you will not pay a payout processing fee. If you choose a direct deposit then we will charge a 3.5% payout processing fee.

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