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Let’s start a trend. Instead of throwing away that shirt or those jeans that you don’t wear anymore, sell them on VNDS! Make money from all the clothes taking up space in your closet that you don’t find yourself wearing anymore. Don’t throw them away either! The clothing industry is one of the most impactful industries when it comes to pollution. Don’t add to the problem, be a difference maker and be a part of the solution.

The great thing is that you can help the planet and your wallet at the same time. Everyone needs to do their part and how are you going to do yours? How are you going to go the extra mile to help the people on the planet and those yet to come? Even something as simple as selling your used clothes can really go a long way in making a difference. Because if one person starts to do it and they inspire another person and they inspire another and so on, then we have a trend that could help the world. Be a part of the change with VNDS.

VNDS was founded in 2020 with the consumer in mind. How can we help people get affordable fashionable clothes while somehow still helping out the planet? The answer was simple. Have YOU, the consumer, do the selling because they know what is fashionable and trendy, encourage the sales of used clothes so that the prices are affordable and beneficial to the planet.

Joining the VNDS community is about joining a cause that is bigger than all of us. When one person wins, we all win. Start a trend with VNDS.

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